Endodontist St Charles, IL | Southwest Endodontics
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Endodontist St Charles, IL

If you live anywhere in or near St Charles, find an endodontist nearby at Southwest Endodontics. Our team of endodontists is ready to help you with our tooth-saving services.

Our team at Southwest Endodontics loves the St Charles area so much that we chose to establish one of our clinics nearby. We appreciate what residents like you already know about the town – it is one of the best places to raise a family and live in. We like to think that the availability of services nearby, like our endodontic clinic, makes it such an attractive location for families.

Things to Do in St Charles

Did you know that St. Charles’s original name was Charleston, but the town’s founders had to change it when they realized another Charleston existed in Southern Illinois? Despite the name change, St Charles today has national recognition for its distinctive architecture, rich history, and outstanding residential areas. This town offers you and your family many things to do, such as the following:

Scarecrow Weekend

Unique to St Charles, IL, is the annual Scarecrow Weekend festival. During this event, you’ll see more than 85 handmade scarecrows scattered around the town. Vote for your favorites in business, clubs, individuals, and mechanical categories. The rest of the weekend includes a family-friendly fall festival throughout the downtown area. Take advantage of the hundreds of handmade crafts at the arts and crafts show or the live performers on the family zone stage.

River View Miniature Golf

While you can play a round of 18 holes of golf at Pottawatomie Golf Course, check out River View Miniature Golf for a more family-friendly outing. Professionals laid out this unique par 42 miniature golf course. The award-winning course features views of the Fox River, with half the course designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Endodontics Services for St Charles

St Charles not only has fun activities for the entire family, but it also has resources for all ages. Our endodontic services for St Charles, IL, residents include the following:

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth won’t fix themselves. If you notice a crack in a tooth, book a visit with one of our endodontists for evaluation and treatment. The crack will only get worse and more painful over time. Get treatment before you risk losing the tooth.

Pediatric Endodontics

Children may require endodontic care, too. But you need to bring your child to one of our endodontists for treatment because they have more knowledge and experience working with kids and their changing dental structure. Trust us to help your kids have great smiles as they grow up.

Traumatic Tooth Injuries

If you have a broken or knocked-out tooth, get to an endodontist as quickly as possible. Quick treatment increases the chances that our doctors will succeed in repairing your tooth. Like everything else our endodontists do, they will work diligently to save your injured tooth.


Sometimes endodontists need to perform surgery to access the tooth from the root end. This type of procedure is an apicoectomy. It requires a few incisions and might be your last option to save a tooth.

Endodontic Retreatment

You may require retreatment of a tooth that had previous endodontic care. For instance, if you have a new infection in a tooth in which you had a root canal years ago, you will need endodontic retreatment. Similarly, if you develop an infection in a treated tooth shortly after a root canal, you will also need retreatment. Both endodontic retreatment and root canal therapy are non-surgical ways that endodontics can help you avoid losing teeth.

Endodontist Serving St Charles

We have two endodontists serving at our clinics. These highly qualified professionals bring experience and learning to the practice.

Dr. Beth Ann Damas earned the Diplomate certificate from the American Board of Endodontics, which marks the highest possible academic achievement within endodontics.

Dr. Sara Iampaglia has a postdoctoral endodontics certificate and is fluent trilingual. Therefore, she can converse with patients in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Our doctors use their rich education in the field and the latest in endodontics technology to ensure that every patient at Southwest Endodontics has professional treatment.

Come See Us at Southwest Endodontics

Think of us at Southwest Endodontics; if you need an endodontist St Charles IL, locals know they can entrust us to help save their teeth. You can book your appointment with our endodontist in Geneva today to get top-quality endodontic care right in your backyard. Keep your smile with endodontic treatments from us at Southwest Endodontics.