Endodontist Batavia IL | Endodontic Care
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Endodontist Batavia IL

If you live in or near Batavia, IL, you should know whom to trust your teeth with when you want to save them. For root canal treatment, endodontic surgery, or care to save teeth after a traumatic injury or crack, you should visit an endodontist. Close to Batavia, IL, you’ll get the highly professional care you need from Southwest Endodontics at our Geneva location. We’re close to where you live for convenient, caring endodontic treatment for the entire family.

What Makes Batavia, IL, a Great Place for Families

Batavia, IL, strives to make itself a community-centered hometown for its residents. You’ll find many opportunities to meet your neighbors, enrich yourself, and entertain your family. If you haven’t done so already, check out the following things that make Batavia a great place to live, especially for families.

Batavia Fine Arts Centre

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre promotes visual and performing arts through gallery and live performances. Thanks to a schedule with new shows and exhibits, you’ll always experience something new whenever you visit. You’ll see everything from the local high school orchestra to professional theatrical touring groups and more performing here. This location is a jewel in the cultural crown of Batavia that brings together the community while offering entertainment and education in fine arts.

endodontist batavia il

Batavia Farmers Market

Where else in Illinois can you visit a farmers market that offers indoor selling during the winter? The Batavia Farmers Market operates an outdoor market during the warm months of June through October. November through May, it moves indoors to continue its operation throughout the year. The market includes various vendors selling everything from produce to crafts, live musical performances, and a kid’s tent. Make sure to visit this family-friendly event held each Saturday.

Why Southwest Endodontics Is An Exceptional Adult and Pediatric Endodontics Practice

Just as Batavia offers many local events and attractions for families, we at Southwest Endodontics also provide services for children and adults. Our team has both endodontists who help adults to save their teeth and those who treat still-growing baby teeth. Let us help your family to keep your teeth for life.

Endodontic Services We Offer

Our treatments at Southwest Endodontics include root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, cracked tooth care, apicoectomy, and help for traumatic injuries to teeth. We also offer treatments specifically for children with damage or severe decay in their baby teeth.

We use the most trusted advanced technology in the field for all our treatments. For example, to improve the comfort of our patients and reduce the time required for root canal therapy, our doctors use the Gentlewave system. This system cleans out root canals more thoroughly than using tools, does not have as many risks as using files, and completes faster than other methods. Plus, unlike older methods of performing root canals that use files, the Gentlewave system can access deep, intricate canals inside the tooth that tools would not reach.

Therefore, the system can lower the chances of root canal failure caused by leaving behind bacteria inside the tooth.
Because we recognize that our patients have specific needs due to their ages and tooth development stages, we offer pediatric endodontic care with our other adult services. Pediatric endodontics is a specialized area of the field that helps to save baby teeth from loss. By preserving these young teeth, the endodontist ensures that adult teeth have a path to follow to erupt from the jaw properly when ready.

Our Team of Endodontists

We have an entire team of endodontists who perform surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients at our Geneva and Orland Park locations—two of our doctors, Drs. Beth Ann Damas and Donald Miller have the highest academic achievements in the field, Diplomate certification. Dr. Sara Iampalia has conducted extensive research on using bioactive agents to biomodify root dentin to aid in endodontic treatment. She also speaks three languages fluently – English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Few other endodontics practices can boast of having three highly qualified professionals serving their patients. You’ll find this at Southwest Endodontics.

See Us at Southwest Endodontics When You Need an Endodontist Near Batavia, IL

Whether you have a cracked tooth or need a root canal near Batavia, IL, trust our professional team at Southwest Endodontics to help you. Our family-friendly practice can help you or your children with getting endodontic care. Contact our Geneva location to schedule your visit, and let us help you get the endodontic care you need to help save your teeth.