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When getting a root canal Orland Park IL, endodontists have several options for cleaning the tooth’s interior. At Southwest Endodontics, we have the Gentlewave procedure available to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the process. If you want a more comfortable, high-tech root canal treatment experience, contact us at Southwest Endodontics in Geneva or Orland Park.

The Problems of Root Canal Treatment with Traditional Irrigation Protocols

Whether you have a traditional or Gentlewave root canal, the goal of the process remains the same. The endodontist must clean out harmful bacteria inside a severely decayed or cracked tooth. Endodontists once used a series of files and solutions as their preferred methods for performing root canals. Many continue this practice today. However, technology is always changing and innovations, such as the Gentlewave, offer exciting improvements in the process.

The traditional method of performing a root canal starts with opening the tooth to insert files inside the canals. An endodontist inserts the tiny files to scrape bacteria and infected pulp from the canals. While these files work, there are more efficient options than these.

Cleaning the tooth takes extra time to ensure all the bacteria is gone. Plus, some people have complex canals inside their teeth. In these instances, the endodontist may not be able to reach all the parts of the tooth with their files and leave behind germs.

The Gentlewave process offers an alternative to these problems by using a completely different approach to root canal treatment that involves the simplest elements.

What Makes the Gentlewave Procedure Different

Sound and fluid don’t seem like endodontic tools. However, the Gentlewave system leverages the forces of acoustic energy (sound) and fluid dynamics to clean out root canals effectively. Even those with the most complex internal anatomy have cleared canals when treated with the Gentlewave system.

Because Gentlewave uses fluids to reach inside the tooth, it does not as many files as a traditional root canal. Therefore, you experience less weakening of the tooth’s structure.
The fluid flowing through the tooth provides gentle yet powerful cleaning to remove infected or inflamed pulp and bacteria from every crevice of the canals.

How Our Patients Benefits from Gentlewave Technology During Their Root Canal Treatments

If you still need to figure out whether you can benefit from Gentlewave technology for your root canal treatment, look at the statistics on the process’s efficacy.

One of the most common myths about root canals is that the procedure is painful. You will not have pain during the root canal at Southwest Endodontics. We know how to use anesthesia to numb your mouth during the process effectively. However, you may feel some discomfort once the numbing agent wears off.

Among patients who have their root canal treatments with the Gentlewave system, 96.6% reported that their pain just 48 hours after the procedure was either completely gone or only mild. Plus, 97.7% had complete healing when evaluated 12 months later.
Another perk of the Gentlewave technology is its speed. Because it effectively cleans out the tooth, most patients (92.1%) only need a single visit for their root canal. If you don’t want to minimize the time you take out of your daily life for endodontic appointments, see us at Southwest Endodontics. The Gentlewave method allows us to give our patients faster, more effective root canals.

Visit Southwest Endodontics for the Gentlewave Geneva, IL, and GentleWave Orland Park, IL Locals Want

You don’t have to worry about getting root canal treatment near Chicago. At both our Southwest Endodontics locations, we use the Gentlewave process to improve our doctors’ abilities to clean and sanitize the inside of the teeth. Contact us if you need root canal treatment to enjoy the benefits of the procedure delivered by one of our professional endodontists using the technology of the Gentlewave process.