Endodontist Homer Glen, IL | Southwest Endodontics
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Endodontist Homer Glen, IL

Located southwest of Chicago, the Village of Homer Glen, IL, continues to grow as a suburb from its modest beginning in the late 1980s as an unincorporated area. With more homes come additional recreational opportunities and services for the entire family. We at Southwest Endodontics are proud to serve the Village of Homer Glen, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Recreation Around Homer Glen IL

The Village of Homer Glen, IL, may have started as a sleepy rural area, but you have many opportunities to get yourself and your family activities around the area.

Heroes Trail

The Heroes Trail system continues to grow with on-road bike connections between the various parts of this hike and bike path around Homer Glen. This trail is a great exercise option if you want to get outside with the family and connect with your neighbors while walking or biking.

Community Wellness Center

For more intensive training, consider a membership at the Community Wellness Center. Your money goes to support the Lockport Township High School while you enjoy the benefits of a full gym and a way to connect with your friends and neighbors. Members may access showers, locker rooms, a weight room, a lap pool, an open gym, and an indoor track.

Why You Need a Local Endodontist Near Homer Glen IL

Endodontists save teeth from loss. If you need a root canal, have a cracked or avulsed tooth, or need endodontic retreatment or surgery, you should know which endodontist to trust.

Whether you or your kids participate in the recreational opportunities around Homer Glen, such as the Homer Athletic Club, the risk of having a tooth knocked out or broken increases, don’t give up sports or keep your child from playing. Know where you would go if you had a traumatic tooth injury or needed a root canal. You should have an endodontist you can trust for tooth-saving treatment when you need it.

Homer Glen, IL, has almost a dozen dental practices within its village limits. However, none of these are endodontists. Luckily, you have a close option in nearby Orland Park. There you will find a top endodontist near Homer Glen IL, whom locals can trust to give them tooth-saving services in a comfortable clinic, Southwest Endodontics.

Why Choose Southwest Endodontics for Your Endodontic Care

Southwest Endodontics cares for your entire family with adult and pediatric endodontic services. Our doctors have collective decades of education and experience to help our patients avoid losing teeth.

All our endodontists have extra education to suit them to better approach problems inside the teeth. Dentists mainly focus on caring for the outside of teeth. While some dentists offer root canal therapy, our endodontists have training in pain management most dentists don’t receive. Plus, our clinic uses the state-of-the-art GentleWave system to help our patients have better outcomes with shorter treatment times for their root canals. Learn more about our treatments and our team.

Endodontic Treatment for Homer Glen IL

Our endodontic treatments include multiple services that reduce the need for dental extraction. For instance, for most of our patients who need root canal treatment, the only alternative is to have the dentist pull the tooth. Root canal treatment can save the tooth and your smile.

Root canals and endodontic retreatment both apparent infection from inside a tooth in an effort to save the tooth. Both procedures only cause as much discomfort during healing as having a cavity filled. Plus, root canal or retreatment relieves the pain for many patients with inflamed pulp.

Our endodontists also can perform surgery. The most common is an apicoectomy, which requires the doctor to access the canals inside a tooth from the root end beneath the gums. This procedure can save a tooth that cannot have root canal treatment done on it due to complex internal anatomy or to reach infection at the root tip.

Traumatic tooth treatment includes saving teeth that you may have knocked out or cracked.

Pediatric endodontics is a service not all endodontists offer. Children have teeth at various stages of growth, and a pediatric endodontist needs to perform specific procedures not done on adults to preserve baby teeth. Saving baby teeth allows permanent teeth to follow the path of the baby teeth and emerge correctly.

Our Endodontists Serving Homer Glen IL

Our endodontists at Southwest Endodontics include two Diplomates of the American Board of Endodontics, Drs. Damas and Miller. This is the highest academic award an endodontist can receive.

Dr. Iampaglia conducted research into bioactive agents in modifying root dentin while achieving her master’s in Oral Sciences. She fluently speaks three languages – Spanish, English, and Portuguese – and is comfortable conversing with her patients in any of them.

Trust any of our endodontists to give your teeth exceptional care.

Book Your Visit to Us at Southwest Endodontics for Exceptional Care

Visit us at Southwest Endodontics in nearby Orland Park, IL, for treatment to save your teeth. Our team of highly educated and experienced endodontists makes sure that you have excellent care. We use the latest endodontic industry technology to improve patient comfort, reduce complications, and augment doctors’ skills. Contact us today to set up a visit at our Orland Park, IL endodontic location when you need an endodontist near Homer Glen, IL.