Endodontist North Aurora IL | Root Canal Treatment
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Endodontist North Aurora, IL

North Aurora started in the 1800s when a pair of brothers came to the area to build sawmills. Today, the Village of North Aurora thrives as a bustling suburb of Chicago. Thanks to the plethora of services in the area, residents of North Aurora live close to exceptional dental and medical care while enjoying a quieter small-town lifestyle.

What Makes North Aurora a Great Place for Residents

The Village of North Aurora has the close community feel of a small town with the proximity to major services and businesses of a suburb. This area is a great place to live for families who don’t want to live in the urban areas of Chicago. Additionally, North Aurora has several things to do and see, making it a great hometown.

North Aurora Days

Each summer, the Village of North Aurora hosts North Aurora Days, a fun-filled, family-friendly weekend of live music and activities. This weekend offers more than food and live entertainment. But do festivals need more? You’ll also find a co-ed softball tournament, a fishing derby, a community-wide garage sale, a fun run, a touch-a-truck contest, a scavenger hunt, and much more. If you’ve never enjoyed North Aurora Days before, be sure to take part this summer.

Services from an Expert Endodontist near North Aurora, IL

North Aurora has served as a residential hub since its founding in 1905. In the village’s early days, during the first part of the 20th century, the town served as a site where people lived and worked in industrial or railroad jobs—the second half of the 20th century changed where people worked. After the 1960s, more people used the area as a bedroom community, from which they commuted to work in Chicago.

Today, North Aurora continues to serve families as a suburb to the larger city, but residents don’t have to drive to Chicago for conveniences any longer. With specialists in dental and medical services in nearby towns and villages, North Aurora locals can enjoy quality care without a long drive. For an endodontist serving North Aurora, locals have Southwest Endodontics in nearby Geneva to provide their care.

Here at Southwest Endodontics, we offer our patients the following endodontic treatments:

  • Pediatric endodontics: Specialized care for young patients with still developing teeth.
  • Endodontic surgery: Apicoectomy to treat the tooth’s canals from the root end of the tooth.
  • Root canal treatment: Cleaning out infected pulp from a tooth painlessly.
  • Endodontic retreatment: Correcting problems that develop in a tooth that once had a root canal.
  • Cracked teeth or traumatic injury treatment: Saving cracked to broken teeth with endodontic care.


Our Endodontists at Southwest Endodontics

At Southwest Endodontics, we have doctorsthat have reached the highest academic achievements within their field, the Diplomate certification with the American Board of Endodontics. Both Drs. Miller and Damas have this achievement. Additionally, Dr. Impaglia conducted extensive research during graduate work on biomodifications of root dentin.

To become an endodontist, an individual must first earn a dental degree before pursuing an endodontics specialization. All our doctors worked for years in a dental practice before moving on to their endodontics specialty. Therefore, you’ll get treatment from a highly educated doctor who also has extensive face-to-face experience with patients.

Our team includes the following endodontists:

  • Dr. Impaglia: She speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish fluently.
  • Dr. Damas: She has practiced as an endodontist since 2010 and received her Diplomate certification in 2015.
  • Dr. Miller: He has worked for more than a quarter of a century as an endodontist and has served as a consultant for dental schools and contributed to articles in professional dental journals.

Our practice relies on the expertise of our entire team. When you visit us at Southwest Endodontics, you’ll receive care from some of the top doctors in the field. They bring their skills and use of technology to ensure each patient has painless endodontic treatment.

With our team members, we bring North Aurora locals world-class care that helps to preserve teeth.

Come See Us at Our Geneva Location When You Need an Endodontist Near North Aurora, IL

You deserve compassionate, painless endodontic care. You’ll find exactly that at Southwest Endodontics. If you need an endodontist near North Aurora, IL, contact us at our Geneva location. We’ll get you the care you need to stop dental pain and save a tooth. Plus, you won’t have to drive far to receive this exceptional service. Come see us and discover how we can save your smile with pain-free endodontic treatments for adults and kids.