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Endodontist Palos Park, IL

Do you need a root canal or treatment for a cracked tooth? You’ll need to come to see us at Southwest Endodontics in Orland Park.

We have the endodontist Palos Park, IL, residents visit when they require specialized dental care to save a tooth. Let us provide you with the high-tech treatments and caring professionalism you need to avoid dental extraction and stop the pain.

Great Things Around Palos Park IL

Living in Palos Park, you know your village is a top spot for you and your family. But have you taken the time to appreciate everything the area offers? Check out some of the following family-friendly things to do around Palos Park, IL:

Special Events at the Recreation Center

Throughout the year, the recreation center in Palos Park offers families a great way to get out and enjoy various activities. These events build community while giving you ways to get out and enjoy what Palos Park has to offer. The 2023 special events are similar to those held in the past and future happenings. For instance, in 2023, the recreation center hosted a movie night for families, a CASI official chili cook-off, the Palos Park Doggie Dash 5K and 1-mile runs, concerts in the summer months, trick-or-treating on the green, and a holiday tree lighting.

Village Green

For your parties, rent the Village Green gazebo. Even if you plan on hosting something other than an event, this park has a playground, a basketball hoop, and tennis courts. While some places only rent you the space, with Palos Park’s Village Green, you can also rent cookers or party activity packs to make your event even more enjoyable with less effort from you.

Our Endodontic Treatments at Southwest Endodontics

Finding quality, painless endodontic care starts with a call to us at Southwest Endodontics. We use GentleWave and other tools to make our endodontists more efficient and improve patient outcomes. Find out more about our treatments below:

Traumatic Injuries

Whether you’re playing in a league tournament at Centennial Park of the Village Green or simply doing everyday activities that go awry, you can traumatically injure a tooth. If you have a tooth knocked out, rinse it with water only if it has dirt. Try to place it back into the socket or submerge it into a cup of milk to keep it moist. We can save your tooth from loss with prompt attention.

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth can also happen from trauma. If the crack breaks through the top layers of dentin in your tooth, you might require root canal treatment or endodontic surgery to repair the tooth and clean out bacteria and germs from inside the tooth.

Because there are many cracks in teeth, only after an evaluation by an expert will you find out if an endodontist can save all or part of the tooth. Some cracks may require extraction of the tooth.

Pediatric Endodontics

While you might think of only adults needing endodontic care, your kids might also need to see an endodontist who caters to pediatric care. We offer this type of care at Southwest Endodontics. Kids may need alternatives to root canals because their teeth still need more time to grow and develop fully. Typical endodontic procedures for kids include apexogenesis, vital pulp therapy and apexification.


Endodontists have full experience performing surgery on the interior of teeth. An apicoectomy is one type of endodontic surgery that reaches the root canals from the tip of the tooth inside the gums.

Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment is a minimally invasive way to remove a new infection inside a tooth in which you once had a root canal. Our doctors use the same care and high-tech tools that they do with root canals to ensure the highest chance of success and minimize the chances of complications.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment fixes a tooth with decay that reaches the inside of the tooth’s canals. Before getting a root canal, you may have a painfully inflamed pulp in the tooth. A root canal can stop the pain by removing the pulp and sanitizing the tooth’s interior. Using the GentleWave system gives our doctors the technology to shorten treatment time and more thoroughly clean out bacteria from the tooth.

Contact Our Orland Park Location for a Great Endodontist Near Palos Park IL

We’re close to you in Palos Park than you think. You can get high-quality endodontic treatment at our Orland Park location in just a few minutes. Our Orland Park office is so close that we’ve become the endodontist Palos Park IL, locals come for treatment. Contact us at Southwest Endodontics in Orland Park to schedule a visit or learn more about our practice and technological solutions to giving our patients high-end endodontic care.